Check Points
The computer screen functions as an intersection within a virtual electronic net.
The seen in this intersection are visual and audio signifiers constructed by
multicolored and alternating projected light points. Transaction of light and
color create the context and content of the projected visuals.
A military checkpoint is an intersection as well, yet the transactions
in the checkpoint are physical, not virtual.
In the darkness one could hear intense voices in Hebrew and in Arabic.
There were no violent gestures on the part of the workers, only a certain
flavor of chaos, an energy of struggling men stripped of their identity,
humiliated through a process of being suspects of terror, of standing
in lines for hours to be checked physically, all for getting a daily job in
the Israeli market for something like 19$. Occasionally, a military jeep
would pump gas, a soldier would use a megaphone and order the
people in Arabic to clear the exit of the long meshed corridor leading
to the Check Point. By the time dawn was crawling I could see the
faces of the workers boarding the buses.