Using industrial means of production served 3 aims:
1.    Collapsing the exclusive nature of the male prayer
       by transporting it   from the prayer book to the
       electronic sign, which functions as a bulletin board,
       thus fragmenting the coherence of the ritual context.
2.    The computer net rhizome technology is a virtual world.
       Placing an intersection of the net in a physical gallery
       represented by its means of production conceptually
       isolated the work from the architectural context of the
       gallery and undermined the legitimacy of the gallery as
       an exclusive space for representing art.
3.    The work is not an art object in the conventional
       understanding. It is rather a work which cannot be
        separated from its means of production. The work
        exists within the tools; there is no separation between
        process and work. Thus, the art object becomes a

        signifier carrying no intrinsic, unique exchange value.